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ACLA Leadership

ACLA President : Mr. Charles P. de Boissezon

Charles is a proud CDL graduate of the Class of 1967 and has served as President of the Association for many years. After a highly successful career in banking, particularly as a leader at the British bank HSBC and as President of the "Banque Piguet" in Switzerland, Charles continues to be very active and resides in Geneva.

See Charles' alumni profile here.

ACLA Coordinator: Ms. Alexis Boyer-Meyerman

After graduation from Collège du Léman in 2003, Alexis studied Political Science at Queen's University in Canada where she served as President of the residence Student Government and the International Students Association. After five summers as a Counsellor at the Summer School, Alexis returned to CDL to work as ACLA Coordinator in September 2007.

See Alexis' alumni profile here.

Click here for more on the Association's rules and structure (rev. 1978)

Committees of the Association:

Strategic Planning Committee 2008

Members: A. Boyer-Meyerman '03 (Chair), C. P. de Boissezon '67, A. Alayon '66, D. Buchanan '75-78, S. Carballo '77, H. Davis '74, S. Doganian '01, S. Karoon '77, L. Loginov '99, B. Mitchell (Irwin) '76, V. Poppleton, B. van Tuyll '94.

Commitee Homepage (restricted to members)

Year Presidents (elections TBA):

Co-President Name
Class Year and Section
M. Grodman
2009 (AA)
A. Martos
2009 (FR)
A. Selian
1995 (AA)
T. Thanachakaphad
1993 (AA)